Video tutorials to help you get the most out of TeamWave.


Learn how to keep track of sales opportunity with visual sales pipeline, list or timeline view, customize settings, schedule activities and connect business emails.

CRM Overview

Take a look at some of the key features of TeamWave CRM in this short clip.

Managing Sales Activities

Learn how to schedule and track sales activities.

Adding Deals

Learn how to add sales opportunities and track their progress.

Timeline View

View the revenue estimate of all deals in a month.

Managing Deals

Use the consolidated view to update and gather key information related to a deal.

Customizing CRM

Set up custom fields, sales pipelines and activity types.

Add a Contact Person

Learn how to add prospects, leads and partners to the CRM Contact manager.

Copying Files from Deal to Projects

Avoid copy/paste and download/upload while transferring files from deals to projects.

Deal List View with Custom Fields

Visualise deals in a column format and customize the view by adding and removing fields.

Import Deals in Bulk

Learn how to import deals in bulk via CSV files and spreadsheets.

Bulk Import Contacts

Learn how to import contacts in bulk via CSV files and spreadsheets.

BCCing & forwarding emails to CRM

Log and track all the email conversations that happens while pursuing a deal.

Manage Sales with an Interactive Pipeline

Use visual sales pipelines to track deals as they progress through various stages of the sales cycle.

Sales Automation

Automatically create deals, contacts and link them simply by sending mails to the 'smart email address'.


Learn how to collaborate with cross functional teams, clients or vendors by creating tasks, starting discussions, sharing files, adding notes and tracking time logs.

Project Overview

Check out some of the key features of TeamWave Projects app in this short clip.

Create Project Template from Scratch

Use templates to avoid addition of repetitive tasks and team members each time you start a new project.

Create Project

Create project to collaborate with cross-functional teams, client or vendor.

Create Project Template from Existing Project

Use existing project to create project template.

Create and Manage Tasks

Manage complex tasks by breaking down into smaller lists.

Add Time Log

Log time spent on various tasks and generate reports.

Events and Milestones

Schedule events and milestones to keep team members updated and track important project stages.

Create Discussions

Communicate with your team members to discuss, suggest and seek opinion.

Upload and Manage Files

Learn how to upload files, add tags and organise them.

Collaborate on Notes

Create notes by collaborating with team members and iterate on different ideas.

Collaborate with Client or Vendor

Invite your client or vendor to work on the shared project.

Invite Team Members

Invite your team members to collaborate on projects.

Share a File with Multiple Projects

Learn how to share the same file with multiple projects.

Project Report Overview

Discover Insights on project progress, productivity, time logs and spot trends.


Learn how to streamline the HR process with employment record management, time off policy, employee engagement and organisational tasks.

HR Overview

Take a look at some of the key features of TeamWave HRMS app.

Automatic Check-in

Set up questionnaire to regularly communicate with employees and generate actionable insights.

Add and Manage Employees

Add employees to your TeamWave account, set access permission and manage employment status.

Create Tasks

Distribute work among employees to complete organisational tasks.

Doc Management

Digitize and store all the employee files, company files in a single location.

Request Time Off

Request ​for time off by notifying your manager.

Configure Time Off Policy

Create time off policies to ​manage leaves availed by employees.